It’s Getting Hot in Here – Melting Masterpieces

melting-masterpieces-moss and fog1

Artist Alper Dostal revisits many of the famous works of art from around the world, and imagines them if they were to meet a hot and drippy fate. ‘Art +Summer – Air Conditioner’ is the tagline of this series, and it shows Guernica, Van Gogh’s Starry Night, and many other masterpieces that are literally melting out of their frames onto the museum floor. While rather unrealistic in execution, it’s a trip to see some of these masterpieces brought to horrifying life with the addition of heat and melt.Via DesignBoom:

melting-masterpieces-moss and fog2melting-masterpieces-moss and fog3melting-masterpieces-moss and fog4melting-masterpieces-moss and fog5melting-masterpieces-moss and fog6