Joshua Tree’s Linear Invisible House For Sale

Joshua Tree is known for its huge open desertscapes, clear night skies, and beautifully bizarre, namesake trees.

Set on 67.5 acres in the Mojave Desert, the Invisible House tries to entirely blend into the scenery, with a mirrored facade, and a minimalist, linear profile.

The house is designed by film producer Chris Hanley, and Frank Gehry collaborator, Tomas Osinski, and features a 100-foot swimming pool, three bedrooms, and sweeping views of the tranquil desert.

Used in numerous films, tv shows, and advertisements over the last few years, the striking, one-of-a-kind home is looking for a permanent buyer.

It’s listed for sale for $18,000,000.

“The Invisible House is built to directly connect inhabitant with environment through a mirrored glass exterior that seamlessly bridges the gap between indoor and outdoor space, masking itself as an indistinguishable component of the dramatic, rocky, desert landscape Joshua Tree is renowned for.”

“Set adjacent to rocks for passive solar heating and cooling and bordered by Section 5 Federal National Park land and a Section 6 BLM, gated nature/tortoise reserve, this once-in-a-lifetime property delivers an idyllic balance of serenity and wonder.”