LEGO’s New A-Frame Cabin Feels Perfectly Rustic and Cozy

LEGO’s ecosystem is massive, extending far beyond the themed brick sets that range from space to snow to fantasy movie-related.

Their Ideas line consists of user-created sets that are voted on by the public, and if enough votes are garnered, the set makes it into production.  That was the case for the the A-Frame Cabin, which received well over the 10,000 required supporters to bring it to reality.

With 2,082 pieces, a steeply raked roof, and a number of great accessories, including fall foliage and a canoe, the set is a great addition to the LEGO ecosystem. The interior features a vintage woodburning stove, cozy beds, and even an old school typewriter.  We can imagine hours of play, imagining ourselves on vacation on a quiet rural lake.  Heck, you might even want to build the Lego set while staying in a vintage A-frame.

Already on backorder, the set costs $179.

“Take time out to explore the simple pleasures of life in the countryside with this collectible LEGO® Ideas display model of an A-Frame Cabin. The iconic, steeply angled roof is easily detached for access to the detailed interior. The bedroom on the upper level and the living area, study and kitchenette on the lower level are full of accessories to create a cozy atmosphere. The set also includes 3 colorful trees that can be connected to create an island, plus a canoe.”