London’s Proposed ‘Tulip’ Tower Seems Set to Bloom


London’s skyline has evolved rapidly over the last decade, becoming one of the more future-leaning cities in the Western Hemisphere.

Famed architectural firm Foster + Partners has had a significant impact on the skyline, and they plan to continue the trend with the ‘Tulip’, a 305-meter (1000 foot) tall glass observation tower, resembling a closed tulip flower.

The bulbous top of the tower would have orbiting glass gondolas, promising thrilling and epic views of the London skyline. The tower would also be home to an education center, and a gathering place for tourists from all over the world.


Though facing some opposition from London’s mayor and potential aviation concerns from the neighboring airports, the tower seems set to move ahead, with construction starting in 2020, culminating in a finished project by 2025. Via Dezeen:

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