Long Exposure Rock Climbing Photos by Luke Rasmussen

Rock climber and photographer Luke Rasmussen has created a style of imagery all his own that he describes as ‘illuminated motion’.

His unique abilities as a climber, and his use of lit, long exposure photography make for some fascinating and beautiful images, a visual record of his climbs, and a novel way of seeing landscapes at night.  We caught up with Rasmussen and inquired what inspired him, and some of the goals of his artwork. 

Rasmussen tells Moss and Fog:

I have always been super interested in studying the passage of time.  Time is a concept that is so hard to understand because we can never really experience it.  Sure, we can experience individual moments, but as soon as you’re experiencing the moment it’s already gone.  To truly visualize time would be to see all those moments at once.  This is what long exposure photography has allowed me to do.  It has allowed me to capture the passage of time in a single image.  I have chosen to use my passion of rock climbing as the medium through which I explore this goal in photography.

More from Luke Rasmussen:

My goal is to capture the motion of my climbing from start to finish and be able to visualize that passage of time in a single image.  In order to do this, I use a strip of LED lights and tie it to my body, running it up and down my back and along each arm.  The LEDs are programmable and I can either change the lights manually with a remote or set it up to change automatically at specific time intervals.  Once, I’m ready to climb, I can control my camera remotely and have it open the shutter right when I leave the ground and close it when I reach the top.  This allows me to capture the movement of my body and the lights as I climb up the route.  In order for the lights to be recorded in a smooth flowing manner, I have to climb as quickly as possible without ever stopping on the way to take any breaks.

All images © Copyright Luke Rasmussen. Used with permission by Moss and Fog. See more of his beautiful imagery on his website and Instagram at @phluke_photos.