Making an Insect Menu Chic

Fast CoExist has an article about the future of food, and it involves creepy crawlies. You’ve probably heard that insects are sometimes considered the food of the future because they’re high in protein, low in fat, and take a fraction of the resources to farm and produce. The biggest hurdle for us in the West, though, is to make them appealing. Enter a UK startup called Ento (Bento box + Entomology) that aims to make insect-based food appealing, and even sexy. Their asian-influence stems from the notion that a clean and slightly exotic take on edible bugs may work to bring in skeptical (and squeamish) eaters. After all, it was only a few decades back that sushi was an odd and revolting concept to many Westerners.  Cricket sashimi, anyone?
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Ento – the art of eating insects from Ento on Vimeo.