Nendo Paper Torch Rolls Up To Become Flashlight

nendo-paper-torch-moss and fog cover

The magic of LEDs continues to show itself with products like the Nendo Torch, a piece of  electronic paper with built in battery that becomes a torch, a pendant, and a desk lamp, all with a simple roll up.  The seemingly simplistic device is actually quite sophisticated, and the tighter you roll the paper up, the brighter it becomes.  It’s a fascinating yet totally simple design, a product that exists purely out of creative exploration.

nendo-paper-torch-moss and fog 2

The color temperature can be changed by rolling the paper up inside out.

nendo-paper-torch-moss and fog 3

The paper Torch by Nendo has circuits on both sides of the paper.

nendo-paper-torch-moss and fog 4nendo-paper-torch-moss and fog 5nendo-paper-torch-moss and fog 6