One Bright Spot During the Coronavirus: Global Carbon Emissions Have Fallen

blue planet in space

If there’s one bright spot during this strange, turbulent time of global coronavirus pandemic, it’s this: Carbon emissions worldwide have fallen dramatically in the last few weeks, leading to cleaner, clearer skies, and healthier air for all.


Now, once the pandemic is over, emissions will likely spike back up again. But it’s fascinating to see how dramatically the level of carbon emissions has fallen, specifically in places like China, which are some of the biggest emitters on the planet.


From before the virus took hold, smokestacks spewing pollution dotted the landscape. The air has cleared significantly in the weeks since.

Also take into account all of the cancelled flights and transportation that has been canceled.



And while the deaths and sickness are horrible, it is somehow relieving to know that Planet Earth is having a mini-breather right now, after all the trouble we put her through.

Surely these drops in emissions are temporary, and we imagine the global economy will be humming again very soon. Though perhaps this global event might help shift people’s thinking a bit, as well.