Photos Show Devastating Clear Cutting of 2,000 Year Old Growth Cedar Forests

If these photos don’t shock and anger you, you’re probably on the wrong website.

Taken by TJ Watt for the Ancient Forest Alliance, these before and after shots show the utter destruction of these precious old-growth forests in the Caycuse River watershed, on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

We’re stunned that this logging was allowed at all, considering there are few remaining stands of these 2,000+ year old red cedar beauties in the world.

Regardless, Teal Jones Group, an unscrupulous Timber’s company, has swooped in and destroyed these trees, removing vital parts of the ecosystem, to turn these giant ancient trees into cedar shingles.

Despite its reputation as a place of endless natural wonder, British Columbia’s patchwork of laws and weak regulations for landowners means that endangered forests like these at Caycuse watershed have few protections. And it’s forests like these that hold the most biodiversity, and are home to other endangered species.

“It was truly an incredible and unique grove,” stated Watt. “I was stunned by the sheer number of monumental redcedars, one after another, on this gentle mountain slope. Giant cedars like these have immense ecological value, particularly as wildlife habitat, and important tourism and First Nations cultural value. Yet, the BC government continues to allow irreplaceable, centuries-old trees to be high-graded for short-term gain while they talk about their new old-growth plan.”

If you, like us, feel outraged, please contact Minister Katrine Conroy, who was recently named BC Minister of Forests, someone with the power to stop the logging of these precious forests. Her email is

And thanks to eco warriors like TJ Watt, who are opening our eyes to the destruction of these amazing natural resources.