Polluted Popsicles Make a Statement

PollutedPopsicles moss and fog 1

As a project for the National Taiwan University of the Arts , a group of students have created Polluted Water Popsicles, a striking and impactful showcase of the pollution in their native Taiwan. The group gathered water samples from over 100 locations throughout Taiwan, and froze the polluted water sludge in a mold. They then numbered and packaged the treats in beautifully designed wrappers.

The juxtaposition of an edible treat and the major problem of pollution is particularly powerful, as it gives people a sudden and strong reaction of negativity and gross-out. Very clever work, the project has garnered a number of design awards. Let’s hope it also helps bring about improvements to the issue of pollution in Taiwan, and around the world. Via Colossal:

PollutedPopsicles moss and fog 2PollutedPopsicles moss and fog 3PollutedPopsicles moss and fog 4PollutedPopsicles moss and fog 5PollutedPopsicles moss and fog 6PollutedPopsicles moss and fog 7