Rethinking Airplane Cabin Service Waste

Design studio PriestmanGoode has a clever and good-looking collection of in-cabin service trays, containers and cups that eliminate wasteful plastic.

Part of a new exhibition called Get Onboard: Reduce. Reuse. Rethink, the studio has created concepts using a range of novel materials. Coffee grounds and husks for the trays, wheat bran containers and coconut wood sporks, as well as edible drink pods made from seaweed.


Some materials were also chosen to reflect the contents of the food inside – for instance, the designers used algae or banana leaf to make a lid for the side salads, and a wafer for the dessert lid.


Via Strategy Director Jo Rowan:

“The idea is to eliminate plastic waste, and to replace like for like,” said Rowan.

“Elements that are currently rotable (washed and reused), like the tray itself, would continue to be so, and elements that are discarded, like single-use plastic, would be replaced with a sustainable alternative,” she added.


We think it’s an inspiring collection of designs, that both look contemporary, and eliminate single-use plastic waste.


Additionally, the team made a refillable water bottle made from recycled bioplastic and cork, meant to ship and fit neatly, encouraging even more reuse. And as we know, every action adds up. Via Dezeen: