Rueben Wu’s Terminus

We’ve been following Reuben Wu as an artist, sharing his beautiful and exciting work that pairs natural landscapes with geometric light-art ‘drawn’ with the use of drones. It’s a fascinating way to showcase the natural world, and with his latest project, Wu attempts to tackle the disappearing beauty of Peru’s glaciers.

We say attempts because on his Behance page, he admits the project had a number of weather and technical-related problems, from extreme cold to elevation issues, to fleeting battery life on his drones.  At 17,000 feet, Cordillera Blanca is a stunning mountain range, yet with shrinking glaciers, a clear sign of climate change in action. Photographing the glaciers at night, Wu uncovers deeply beautiful depth and color in the ice’s form.  And though he only had one successful ‘light painting’ with his drones, he was able to capture some truly impressive perspectives on nature’s icy creations.