Same Energy is a Fully Visual Search Engine

We use search engines everyday in our work and personal life, depending on computers to find answers to our myriad questions.  While they’ve gotten better, the visual experience isn’t all that different. Same Energy is out to make a purely visual search engine, finding imagery that’s similar in nature, form, and vibe to that you search for.

Check out their page and search for just about anything. The page will instantly transform, bringing a wealth of visual information that tailors itself to your visual whim. And while companies like Pinterest have similar functionality, we think Same Energy takes the concept even further, with a hyper-minimal UI, and super quick response time.  The work of engineer Jacob Jackson, it’s a very impressive new way to visually sort our world, and find just the right image you’re looking for.


Same Energy is a visual search engine. You can use it to find beautiful art, photography, decoration ideas, or anything else.

We believe that image search should be visual, using only a minimum of words. And we believe it should integrate a rich visual understanding, capturing the artistic style and overall mood of an image, not just the objects in it.

A search in Same Energy for “Moss”

A search in Same Energy for “Fog”