This Table Spreads Its Wings Like a Beetle

We love the look of this side table by designer Radhika Dhumal. Called the Elytra, it’s an elegant wooden and glass side table with a rounded top and a fun, almost animal-like stance.

But it has an extra trick, where the glass ‘wings’ can be opened, creating additional space, and a transformation like a beetle spreading its wings.

We love the way she created a table with such personality, plus the extra functionality of glass wings that perfectly hold your coffee cup.

“A coffee table, inspired from the movement of the wings (elytra) of the beetle. Whenever the need for extra space arises, one wing of the table can be opened which simultaneously opens the other wing. ‘Elytra’ is designed in a way that allows the user easy access to the table top because of its non-static nature. A biomimetic, dynamic furniture piece that is an interactive table that intrigues the user and is a perfect conversation starter over a cup of coffee!”