Singapore’s Jewel Changi Airport Celebrates One Year with Their Stunning ‘Garden of Wonder’

The world’s best airport for the last eight years straight, Singapore’s Jewel Changi Airport is a quantum leap in beauty, nature, and creativity over the competition.

They have doubled down on that status with last year’s enormous indoor waterfall and ‘forest valley’, a four story garden filled with amazing plants, enclosed in glass.

While we haven’t been there personally, we’ve been told that the waterfall defies description, and will leave you speechless, witnessing this massive circular waterfall, with a backdrop of plants.  Immediately adjacent, a silent electric train shuttles passengers to their terminals. This waterfall would be a destination unto itself, so dramatic and well designed. The fact that it is just part of a world-class airport is truly impressive.

A short film was made to commemorate one year since the opening of the Garden of Wonder, and showcases some of the beauty of this impressive airport. We can’t wait to visit in person, when our global pandemic gets under control. Via MyModernMet: