Soapbottle’s Innovative Product Launches on Kickstarter

We’ve posted about Soapbottle and their innovative packaging before, but at that time, the shampoo-in-soap-bottle was just a concept.

Now, the company is launching a Kickstarter to bring their product to life.  In essence, their bottles of shampoo or soap are housed in a molded vessel that is itself made out of soap. It radically cuts down on packaging, and creates a fun bathing or cleaning experience.

We love how unique their product offering is, and can’t wait to try it ourselves. Check out their unique design below, and make sure to join their Kickstarter campaign.

Via Soapbottle:

“Disposable packaging for shampoo, shower gel and Co.? No, thanks. We strive to develop sustainable packaging for liquid personal care and hygiene products made of soap. That’s why we have transformed the concept of packaging-free cosmetics and allow the packaging itself to become part of the care product. Unlike any other packaging, SOAPBOTTLE is made from natural and biodegradable ingredients that “wash away” over time. Waste can be completely avoided.”

How the SOAPBOTTLE story began
The German product designer Jonna Breitenhuber created and developed the concept SOAPBOTTLE during her master studies at the University of Arts in Berlin. “When I start a new project, I often start with a problem and try to solve it with a design”, she says. Through her work as a packaging designer for cosmetic products, Jonna first became aware that there are hardly any plastic-free packaging for liquid personal care products. As disposable and single-use packaging of care products cause long-term damage of the environment, she strived to address packaging waste with her master project. Jonnawas inspired by the food industry, which already has a few examples where the product itself becomes packaging. She was wondering if she could transfer this concept to hygiene products and started experimenting with soap. Project SOAPBOTTLE was born.