Some of the World’s Best Food Focused Photography

Photography contests always bring out the very best visual storytellers, able to give us such rich scenes in a single image.

This particular photography contest focuses around food, and it has blown us away with the range and depth of the categories it features, covering themes like Bring Home the Harvest, Food in the Field, Innovation Award, and of course, Food Styling. 

Hosted by Pink Lady, the apple brand, the contest has entrants from all around the globe, showcasing a huge variety of amazing imagery all related to food.

Because food is so universally understood and relatable, we think the content resonates even more. Below are just a few of our favorite current entries.

© F.Dilek Uyar, Drying okra flowers in Tokat, Turkey, Bring Home the Harvest

© Yiping Wan, China , Bring Home the Harvest

© Phuoc Hoai Nguyen, Bring Home the Harvest

© Huaifeng Li, Food for the Family

© Martin Grünewald, Food Stylist Award

© Abdul Momin, Bangladesh, Innovation Award

© Gioacchino Gargano, Italy, Storytellers Award

© F.Dilek Uyar, Food in the Field

© Oscar Oliveras, Spain, Produce