Cercle is a Quirky Camping Bicycle with Foldout Sleeping Area

Created by biking enthusiast and inventor Bernhard Sobotta , the Cercle is a quirky take on the camping bicycle, utilizing a large circular frame that holds a fold down day-bed, and other gadgets.  With handlebars that fold down, pedaling the bike looks remarkably like pedaling a normal bicycle, aside from the giant hoop in the middle.

When it’s time to make camp or take a break, the bike’s day-bed folds down, or even has an innovative table option.

Currently just a concept, we admire the quirky charm of the Cercle, and imagine there is an audience that would find this a compelling way to make bike camping easier.

Check out their Instagram for more.

“The Cercle creates a feeling of being at home, of being centered and safe and wherever you are just belonging and having everything you need and being open as well. It’s like a window into the world in a different way.”