Strange Leaves by Al Mefer


Al Mefer’s photography blurs the line between staged photography and captured moments, but all of his work has a strange tension in it, perhaps in the alien-like colors and forms that are reflected. In his latest series, Strange Leaves, Mefer documents “Venomous Forests”, with night photography of hyper-colored ferns and cacti, all edited to look just a little….strange. It’s a series full of personality, and further cements his vision. Via Behance:


I was entering a void of no-nature
Of forests deserted by live creatures
Which inspired the sermon of no preacher
In this wasteland of ghosts a portraiture

When I encountered these monsters
Among lakes of firey mist
Some blood emerged from my wrists
And made of my cries a loud concert

I’d been doomed by the kiss
Of the children of the inert
Which with beauty threat no danger
‘Til one can’t fight any longer