Stunning Chameleon Villa in Indonesia

“Chameleon Villa” is a stunning home located in Buwit, outside of Bali Indonesia. Designed by Word of Mouth Architecture led by Valentina Audrito, the home features luxurious amenities and flowing lines that also respect the land around it.

Consisting of stacked rectangular volumes, the home invites discovery, with elegantly designed spaces and tasteful furnishings throughout. Using earth-toned hues, the design also blends into it’s surroundings more than bright colors would.


Using almost entirely local contractors and materials, the home pays respect to it’s native Bali, and also reduces it’s carbon footprint at the same time.


Some of the green systems of the Chameleon Villa include solar electrification, passive cooling and insulation, as well as rainwater collection and water recycling.


Very desirable indeed, the Chameleon Villa was ranked by ArchDaily as one of the best architectural projects of 2018.


Even more amazing, this entire villa is available for rent, and it would make an exceptional vacation getaway.