Stunning New Fish Species Discovered in The Maldives

It’s not very often that brand new species of shallow-water fish are found, let alone ones as stunningly colorful as this. The Rose-Veiled Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus finifenmaa) was officially declared a newly discovered species this month.

Better yet, it is the first time a Maldivian scientist has discovered a new species. It shows not only how vast the animal world is, but how precious our oceans are, when undiscovered fish can be swimming under our noses for so long.

A truly gorgeous, multi-color fish, and a great discovery for The Maldives.

“It has always been foreign scientists who have described species found in the Maldives without much involvement from local scientists, even those that are endemic to the Maldives,” says study co-author and Maldives Marine Research Institute biologist Ahmed Najeeb. “This time it is different and getting to be part of something for the first time has been really exciting, especially having the opportunity to work alongside top ichthyologists on such an elegant and beautiful species.”

– Cal Academy