Sundance Tintypes

The Sundance Film Festival for 2014 has come and gone, and photographer Victoria Will has taken some really compelling photos using the old tintype style. The style is remarkable, so much more authentic and tangible than the Instagram filters that are popular these days. And the photographer met with a large number of interesting celebrities, including the late Philip Seymour Hoffman.  Great collection of images. Via Esquire:
29-esq-exclusive-sundance-portraits-david-cross esq-04-exclusive-sundance-portraits-mark-ruffalo esq-06-exclusive-sundance-portraits-william-h-macy esq-09-exclusive-sundance-portraits-philip-seymour-hoffman esq-16-exclusive-sundance-portraits-sam-shephard esq-18-exclusive-sundance-portraits-elijah-wood esq-26-exclusive-sundance-portraits-flea esq-exclusive-sundance-portraits-jason-schwartzmann-22