Sustainably Made Woodio Toilet Made From Leftover Wood Chips

We’ve entered an interesting era of material design, where materials we may have seen as waste product in the past are now being utilized in new, fascinating ways.

Take Woodio, a Finnish design company, who has announced a line of bathroom fixtures, including toilets, made out of woodchip scraps.

Their unique manufacturing process combines offcuts from the Finnish forest industry, mixed with a combination of fossil-based polyester and bioplastic resins to create a composite that is both waterproof and “practically unbreakable”.

The result is a unique looking color and texture, and one that Woodio claims uses 99% fewer emissions in its manufacturing than traditional ceramics.

Their modern design helps to elevate the products, creating streamlined, minimal forms. Their toilet is around 80% wood by volume, certainly a first in the industry.

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