Sycamore Tiny House Has Elegant Storage and Space Saving Features

The world of tiny houses is alive and well, with hundreds of companies offering turnkey options, and homeowners creating clever and innovative ways to make a small space feel bigger and more livable.

A recent tiny home that caught our attention is called the Sycamore, built by Kansas-based company Made Relative. Their newest tiny home is $90,000, which is definitely not inexpensive, but has some of the most lovely designs and features that we’ve seen so far.

Full of high-end finishes and clever storage, the Sycamore is an example of downsizing without downgrading. We love the modern shiplap and birch interior, integrated LED dimmable lighting, luxury kitchen and more, all packed into 320 sq. ft. of living space.

Floating shelves, storage under the stairs, and the warm, light filled interior make this tiny home feel like an amazing getaway. Read more on Made Relative’s website.



“With the design and creation of Sycamore, we basically did what we have always strived to do in all our tiny homes: make a practical, very usable area with the smallest amount of wasted space possible. We design our houses down to the inch. Our thinking is that you already are sacrificing a lot of space by living in a tiny house, so making sure that your space is very intentional is key to a good design.”