The Ebussy is a Modular, Inexpensive EV That Can Be a Camper or a Pickup

Looking almost like a fun toy, the Ebussy is a real electric vehicle, made in Germany, and coming to roads and paths around the world in 2021. This low cost, simple EV aims to be a flexible, modular platform, ditching a lot of the luxury creature comforts for a minimalist approach.

Starting at €18,500 for the base truck model, the Ebussy has an impressive estimated electric range of 373 miles, and weighs a mere 450 kilograms. For a loaded camper model, with a solar roof and clever interior features, the price comes to around $33,000. Still a great deal for a new electric vehicle.

Ebussy got their start as an electric scooter manufacturer, so it remains to be seen how successful they’ll be in the automotive space. But it’s exciting to have all sorts of new clean transport options on the horizon.