Apple’s New Bangkok Store Soars Like a Tree

It must be very nice for a company like Apple to build retail environments, as they have just about the deepest pockets on the planet. They can be about as expressive and exacting with their designs as they’d like.

The company has always cared about design, and their retail stores have shown this lately, with a slew of truly gorgeous architectural landmarks. More than just a shop to buy a computer, they feel like important additions to the built environment. Lead by Foster + Partners Architecture, each store has a different look and feel, but all of them adhere to a clean minimalism that the brand is known for.

The newest is Apple Central World in Bangkok, created with a huge cantilevered Tree Canopy roof. Visitors use a circular staircase that wraps around a timber core. Thee exterior is entirely clad in glass, bringing in ample natural light, and showcasing the building’s key feature.