The Great Barrier Reef

Coral reefs are in trouble, and human-caused climate change is to blame. As the oceans get more warm and acidic, fragile reefs are dying out, and they take with them some of the most biodiverse, and incredible life we’ve ever seen. A video called Slow Life is simply mesmerizing, showcasing some of the gorgeous and extraordinary details of this amazing reef. It brings into focus the world beneath the waters of our oceans, and show us why they are worth protecting, if we still can. Watch the video in HD, and prepare to be enthralled.  Via Jarratt M:

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Via the producer:
“Slow” marine animals show their secret life under high magnification. Corals and sponges are very mobile creatures, but their motion is only detectable at different time scales compared to ours and requires time lapses to be seen. These animals build coral reefs and play crucial roles in the biosphere, yet we know almost nothing about their daily lives.