The Headless Generation

Designer Giuseppe Pepe (Instagram user @pepedsgn) has a fun and intriguing series he called “LoosingMyMind” that showcases people posing without their heads. The major omission makes the images memorable and funny, but they somehow work quite well. Inspired by fashion and locations all around the globe, Pepe’s artistic photos show (headless) people posing in front of flowers, collapsed on tennis courts, and strolling hand in hand.

headless-generation-moss-and-fog-cover copyheadless-generation-moss-and-fog-2 copyheadless-generation-moss-and-fog-3 copyheadless-generation-moss-and-fog-4 copyheadless-generation-moss-and-fog-5 copyheadless-generation-moss-and-fog-6 copyheadless-generation-moss-and-fog-7 copyheadless-generation-moss-and-fog-8 copyheadless-generation-moss-and-fog-9 copy