The ‘Into the Wild’ Bus Airlifted Out of Alaskan Back Country

The home base of Christopher McCandless’s solitary exploration into the Alaskan wilderness, ‘Bus 142’ or the “Magic Bus” has been sitting alone for decades.

The 2007 movie “Into the Wild” immortalized the old bus, which was the final resting place for McCandless, who died there in 1992.

However, in recent years, tourists and explorers have been getting lost or even dying trying to get to this far flung landmark. Over 15 people have needed to be rescued on their way to the bus.

To prevent further potential dangers, the Alaskan Army National Guard used a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter to airlift the old bus out of the wild. ┬áIt’s a dramatic end to an iconic story. And if you haven’t read the Jon Krakauer book or seen the movie by Sean Penn, we recommend them.

Via NY Times:

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