The Unforgiving Yet Gorgeous Kamchatka

The Kamchatka Peninsula is a land of extreme weather and extreme topography, with the tallest active volcano in the northern hemisphere, and strange, alien-like landscapes.

This hard-to-travel-to destination in Russia feels like an undiscovered world, full of pristine peaks and almost no development whatsoever. The steep cliffs of Klyuchevskaya Sopka, the volcano peak rise to impressive heights in this series by photographer Isabella Tabacchi. From fields of wildflowers to acidic volcanic vents, Tabacchi’s images show us some of the untouched beauty of this land.

In a world that feels increasingly small and trampled on by humanity, it’s very nice to know of places like the Kamchatka that remain so wild and free, for now.


Last summer I visited the Kamchatka peninsula, a land in the far east of Russia. My purpose was to discover a natural scenery that, except for some little towns and the city Petropavlovsk-Kamčatskij, is totally made of pristine nature, forests and huge volcanoes. The nature of Kamchatka is still mostly unknown, it’s really dangerous and it changes continuously, so I explored the peninsula with the help of two local guides. The thing that impressed me the most is the contrast between the colors of life, of the trees, the flowers, the forests and the shades of death, of the volcanoes, of the ash. 

– Isabella Tabacchi