The World’s Largest Single Dome Greenhouse Set to Grow in France

Located on the Côte D’opale in Northern France, the world’s largest single dome greenhouse is poised to emerge from the ground, offering 215,000 square feet of tropical environment to visitors inside. Called The Tropicalia, the enormous greenhouse will have a dome over 100 feet tall, and will be home to a cornucopia of birds, fish, lizards, and of course, plants.

Not set to break ground until 2024, the design is nonetheless unique, both for its scale, and also its eco friendly features. An innovative heat capture system will make the greenhouse carbon negative, with excess heat being used to power the surrounding buildings and businesses. A double dome structure helps with the heat capture, but also helps to make the enormous dome more structurally sound, eliminating the need for vertical support columns.

Visitors will have a kilometer-long walking path that meanders past waterfalls, large ponds of tropical fish, and an abundance of flora and fauna.

Designed by Coldefy & Associates, we’re excited for it to break ground.

Via Yanko Design: