This Multitool Might Be Our Needed Companion Until Covid-19 is Cured

Our world will not be the same for quite some time, given the state of the COVID-19 virus. ¬†Even after cities around the world start to open, we’ll be living with the disease in hidden pockets and corners of society, so social distancing will (and should) stay in place for quite some time.

Navigating this new normal will mean avoiding the normal touching and grabbing that we take for granted. A number of tools have already popped up to help us, like this Stay Safe Carabiner, that functions as a door opener,  button pusher, box opener, and the like. The clever design helps you do things without touching surfaces like elevator buttons, ATM pins, and door handles.

We don’t love the idea of a germophobic existence, but until this weird scary time passes, we might need tools like this to help out. Via Yanko Design: