Top Ten Houseplants For Those With A Knack for Killing Houseplants

We’ve been there. You invest in a cool pot and a fun houseplant, only to make a misstep or two, and see your little green friend wither away to a sad, dead end. Killing house plants is easy if you choose the wrong plant for the wrong location, or are just overly neglectful. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Here are ten excellent indoor plant varieties that are tried and tested to withstand your less-than-green-thumbs. Via Simply Savvy:

#10 Bamboo Palm – fairly large, but not needing direct sunlight. Water 1-3 times per week.

#9 Cacti – Cacti come in all shapes and sizes, but most of them require little watering, and can withstand indirect light, but make sure to keep them in a warm room.

#8 Lucky Bamboo – One of the heartier choices in this list, lucky bamboo can grow in either water or soil, and only need occasional watering.

#7 Peace Lily – This elegant plant would definitely make a space look more sophisticated, and with its ability to grow in low light, it seems like a perfect choice for those without a ton of window space.

#6 Monstera Deliciosa – This plant is also called the Swiss cheese plant, for obvious reasons, but it’s a great choice for a stylish living room or bedroom. Water about once a week.

#5 Pothos – This creeping plant will fill your house with character and life, and requires much less maintenance than some house plants. Water every one to two weeks, this fellow won’t put up much of a fight, as long as you don’t overwater.

#4 Rubber Plant – We love the look of a rubber plant, the leaves are so perfect and dark green, they almost appear artificial. Ideal in a warm room without direct sunlight, it can be nearly indestructible if you don’t drown it.

#3 Snake Plant – Another stylish plant, the snake plant can thrive in low lighting, making it perfect for spaces where natural light is minimal.

#2 Weeping Fig – This house plant is about as ‘real tree’ looking as you’ll find in an indoor variety, and it is a popular and sturdy choice for those wanting something low maintenance. Place it near a window, but out of direct sun.

#1 Zanzibar Gem – This handsome and slow growing plant has been dubbed ‘unkillable’, but let’s keep it alive anyway, huh? Short of drowning it, the Zanzibar Gem should keep you company for a long time.