Tragic Essay Shows The Last Living White Rhinos on Earth, a Mother and her Daughter

Two. 2. That’s it.

Indeed, the Northern White Rhino is effectively extinct in the world, save for a mother and daughter named Najin and Fatu, who are under 24/7 security in Kenya.

the last male died a few years ago, and there aren’t any other northern white rhinos even in captivity, so it’s only a matter of time until the subspecies is gone forever.   The fate of rhinoceros more broadly are also in peril, though not as dramatically.

The New York Times Magazine has a beautiful yet tragic essay about these two remaining giants, exploring their stories, and the caretakers, who dedicate their lives to protecting these rare and beautiful animals.

Take a look at the essay here, and check out the beautiful photography that pay tribute to the northern white rhinoceros.