Cadillac’s Fully Autonomous Drone Concept

There have been many personal flying machine concepts over the past few years, taking cues from small drones, and promising a future of point-to-point travel, like something out of The Jetsons.

The latest example is from Cadillac, unveiled this week at CES 2021. The strictly concept-only presentation speaks to a future of all-electric travel, in a sleek and futuristic form factor.

The Cadillac VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) uses an octa-rotor propulsion system and next-gen battery technology to reach speeds up to 55 mph, flying high over the congestion below.

Whether these flying concepts will reach production remains to be seen, but judging by the speed of advancements, we imagine there will be some form of personal air travel in the next decade.  See more on parent company GM’s website.