Ultra-Accurate Ulysse Nardin Table Clock

Since their founding in 1846, Swiss-based Ulysse Nardin has made marine chronometers, or mechanical timepieces, in the tradition of other Swiss watchmakers. But their marine-purposed versions use gimbals to counteract the rocking motion at sea, something that adds to their complexity and cost.

They recently auctioned off this striking tabletop clock, housed in a glass dome so that the intricate workings can be viewed in all their technical glory.  The clock can sway up to 60 degrees without affecting timekeeping.  Indeed, the clock’s unique engineering is meant for ultra-precise timekeeping, which in the era of digital watches, feels very special.

This particular model sold for over $400,000, and the proceeds went to benefit muscular dystrophy research.

“This year, the timepiece auctioned by Ulysse Nardin for Only Watch is not a wristwatch but a wacky high-flying clockmaker’s object, a work of art, a piece of design and architecture, a toy, quite simply: the UFO, a table clock ready to welcome you on board for a new entertaining odyssey, in a “unique piece” version with an orange hue.”