Vollebak’s Latest Mars Gear Includes Antigravity Pockets and Vomit Bags in Their Trademark Style

We may not walk on the Red Planet for another decade or so. But that doesn’t mean you can’t look like a high-tech, Mars-equipped visitor.  Vollebak, makers of extreme gear, have a new Mars Gear lineup, with jacket and pants that are highly over-engineered, featuring all sorts of unique materials and design.

The ballistic nylon and 3D printed exterior also features a distinctive ‘port’ that holds space sickness bags, all to prepare you for the rigors of space.

‘Anti gravity’ pockets open upside down and from either side, for those floating-in-space moments that may throw your balance off.

We can only imagine the space-related conversations that this Mars Gear will lead to.

We love Vollebak’s over-the-top take on clothing, even if it’s admittedly absurd, and extremely expensive. The Mars jacket sells for $995, and the pants go for $665.