Wildfire-Ravaged Lands Are Getting a Boost From Tree-Planting Drones

The wildfire scarred West is getting replanting help from drones, which help to speed up the reforestation process.

The plague of wildfires are burning so hot and large that natural reforestation isn’t occurring at the scale it needs to. And traditional replanting by hand is an exceptionally labor intensive and slow process. It can also be dangerous, especially on steep, difficult terrain,

Companies like DroneSeed have innovated an airborne solution, dropping thousands of ‘pucks’ that contain seeds, soil and nutrients, giving trees their best chance at survival.

Over 10,000 pucks were dropped per hectare, with the hope that they will help the land rebound quicker than it would on its own.

Learn more about this innovative approach on The Verge:

“The use of drones in replanting efforts mean that wildfire-scarred lands can recover faster than they might on their own.”