Wonderfully Woven Steel Facade in St. Petersburg

We really appreciate the juxtaposition that this building’s facade presents. On one hand, it uses Corten steel, a tough metal that is purposely used for the way it rusts and creates a tough yet elegant patina.  On the other hand, the steel is woven carefully, like a vastly oversized wicker basket. Combining the material with the way its been used is pretty stunning, a unique pairing that make the building, known as Ferrum 1, stand out.

Located in the Polustrovo district of St. Petersburg, the building is the work of architect Sergei Tchoban, and one of the first in all of Russia to be made of sculptural Corten steel.

From Arch Daily:

“The seven-storey Ferrum 1 business centre is the first building in Russia to be constructed with Corten steel. This corrosion-resistant and extremely durable building material with its characteristic rust-red patina and velvety texture gives the building a particularly striking, expressive appearance. The theme of materiality, one of the most important aspects in architecture, was the focus when designing the façade.”