Wrap Yourself in Warm, Stylish, Yet Scary Climate Data

Climate change data hasn’t been seen like this before, we’re pretty confident.

Indeed, being able to physically wrap yourself up in climate data and models is a new one for us. But it’s clever and beautiful, if the data in question is indeed dire.

A project called Temperature Textiles, the collection of blankets, scarves, throws and socks bring attention to climate change and rising global temperatures, with data knit into the patterns themselves.

Created by The Netherlands-based studio Raw Color, the textiles are a real conversation starter, and a unique way to bring attention to such a serious issue.

Via Colossal:

“In each design, the duo translates data from the IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or IPCC, into colorful, line graphics that represent four possible outcomes for the world through the year 2100.”

By 2070, under a high emissions scenario, unbearable temperatures could expand to affect up to 3 billion people.

The 20 warmest years have been recorded in the past 22 years.