Zebra Boat

We can’t quite figure out if The Zebra is a concept only, or if it’s for sale. But with such devastating good looks, we don’t really care. Designed by Dimitri Bez, The Zebra evokes the classic forms of great speed boats of the past, but with a refined geo-minimalism that is just stunning. Add the fact that is powered by an electric motor, and controlled by a retro wheel and a curved OLED display, and you’ve got the perfect mix of future and retro. Via Knstrct:

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 6.42.13 PM
Zebra+electric+boat+with+a+classic+look+designed+by+Dimitri+BezZebra+electric+boat+with+a+classic+look+designed+by+Dimitri+Bez-1 Zebra+electric+boat+with+a+classic+look+designed+by+Dimitri+Bez-2 Zebra+electric+boat+with+a+classic+look+designed+by+Dimitri+Bez-3 Zebra+electric+boat+with+a+classic+look+designed+by+Dimitri+Bez-4 Zebra+electric+boat+with+a+classic+look+designed+by+Dimitri+Bez-5