3D Printed Eyewear Promises Custom Fit and Limitless Designs

With 3D printing getting cheaper and more sophisticated, we’re seeing new ways in which the technology can shape our everyday lives. Breezm is a new eyeglass company using 3D printed frames that promise a better, customized fit, lightweight design, and all manner of styles.

Utilizing face scanning for measurement, the company is able to offer up size and style selections that you can virtually try on using their augmented reality app.  From there, the chosen pair is chosen and sent to print, using the latest in fusion and laser sintering technology.

We like how customizable the designs can be, offering all manner of face shapes and sizes the perfect fit. It’s also nice to hear that the 3D printing technology creates much less waste than traditional manufacturing methods.

Check out the company’s Kickstarter campaign, with estimated first orders going out in February 2023.