5 Awesome LEGO Sets To Get You Through The Stay-at-Home Tedium

Let’s face it. You never stopped loving LEGOs, but maybe you gave them up for a decade or two while real life got in the way.

We have good news. You can pick your hobby back up, guilt-free. Indeed, over the last several weeks, we’ve gone through a handful of new LEGO sets, and found they are some of the most joyfully-distracting purchases we’ve made in a long time. ┬áPart of that has to do with having a toddler at home, but part of it is the fun nostalgia of opening those crinkly plastic bags and dumping out a brand new set. The tinkle of the bricks on the table.

The joy of following the visual directions to get each brick in its right spot, and then the realization that wait, that step must have been done wrong….

We’re also in a golden age of LEGO, with a catalog positively brimming with collections and styles, to the cultural phenomenon of the LEGO movie, and the cult-like following online.

Below are five of the coolest new sets that we’ve seen released. And yes, LEGOs are sometimes eye-wateringly expensive. But can you put a price on stay-at-home comfort? ­čśť­čĄĹ


1. LEGO Taj Mahal – 5,923 Pieces – $369.00





2. ┬áLEGO Bookshop – 2,504 Pieces – $179



3. LEGO International Space Station – 864 Pieces – $69.00



4. LEGO Pirates of Barracuda Bay – 2,545 Pieces – $199.00



5. LEGO Jurassic Park T. rex Rampage – 3,120 Pieces – $249.00