A 4-Second Intense Workout Can Kickstart Your Metabolism

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The New York Times writes about a new study that shows just four seconds of intense physical activity can jumpstart your metabolism and override the hours of sitting all day.

It’s quite a surprising finding, and surely doesn’t mean we can give up a longer, regular exercise regimen. But the study sheds light on ways that the body can benefit from periodic bursts of intensity.

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When regular sitting and daytime activities are interspersed with just four seconds of sprinting or other intense exercise, people’s bodies responded positively, counteracting some of the less-active periods.

For all of us who are working from home during the global pandemic, it’s a timely study, and one that might lessen our couch-sitting guilt.

Four seconds of high-intensity exertion repeated periodically throughout the day might counteract some of the unhealthy metabolic consequences of sitting for hours, according to a surprising and timely new study of the potentially large benefits of diminutive workouts.
The study relied on a specialized type of stationary bicycle that few of us will have available at home, but its implications remain broadly applicable and suggest that even a few minutes — or seconds — of exercise each day could help substantially to bolster our health.