The Rainbow Tree Building Shows Us What the Future of Architecture Should Look Like

This exciting new high rise design in Cebu, Philippines shows us the optimistic future of architecture, where green innovations and plants take center stage.

Nicknamed the Rainbow Tree, this colorful, plant-adorned 32-story building is the work of Vincent Callebaut Architectures, and features a slew of innovative and eco-friendly features. From an entirely wooden construction using cross-laminated timber to depolluting balconies festooned with plants, the building aims to make the air cleaner for every new resident.


Double insulation and building-wide ‘wind chimneys’ will be implemented to bring natural ventilation to the entire structure. This type of passive design will dramatically reduce the need for traditional heating and cooling.


Further reducing the need for resources, a ‘Skyfarm’ and urban aquaponic farm will provide 2,500 kilos of fish per year, and nearly all of the produce the residents might need.


Indeed, the Rainbow Tree is so packed full of eco-friendly practices it’s hard to wrap your head around them all. It’s a hugely forward-thinking project.

As this is yet to be built, it remains to be seen how many of these features will successfully be deployed, but we love the optimism and ambition that the building radiates.