A Brand New Pasta Shape, Cascatelli, is Born

If you ever thought the bowtie, rotini, and lasagne weren’t cutting it, we have news. There is a brand new, never-before-seen pasta shape out, and it’s here to satisfy your noodly-dreams.

The work of podcast host and author Dan Pashman, the new shape is called Cascatelli, meaning waterfalls in Italian, and it is three years in the making. Part of his Mission imPASTAble series, the shape was borne from his desire to find the right shape and texture, which he found lacking in the world of pasta.

The new shape is indeed unique, combining ‘ruffled edges’ with a fettuccine-like shape that holds sauce perfectly.

Made and sold by New York-based Sfoglini, the shape is already a hit, sold out and on a 10 week waiting list.

Check out the unique pasta shape below, and reserve a box here.


Cascatelli is designed to maximize the three qualities by which Dan believes all pasta shapes should be judged:

  • Sauceability: How readily sauce adheres to the shape

  • Forkability: How easy it is to get the shape on your fork and keep it there

  • Toothsinkability: How satisfying it is to sink your teeth into it