A Strange Vision for Food in the Year 2050

Some visions for the future of food harken back to the tool ‘ol days of organic farming and food you recognize. Other visions paint a more science-fiction approach, where the food we eat has been engineered to become something entirely new. From London’s Royal College of Arts, designer Johanna Schmeer has created a very odd and alien looking vision.  Via Wired:
bioplastic-fantastic-1 bioplastic-fantastic-2

She explores how synthetic biological material can be used to provide nutrition.

bioplastic-fantastic-3 bioplastic-fantastic-4

In her vision, humans would get their nutrients from photosynthesizing pods and vessels.

bioplastic-fantastic-5 bioplastic-fantastic-6 bioplastic-fantastic-7

It’s a bizarre vision, and not necessarily appetizing. But my guess is that we will have both this type of hyper-futuristic approach, as well as a return-to-farm style of food production.