AirBnb’s Amazing Solar Eclipse Stay

AirBnb solar eclipse stay

The impending full solar eclipse on August 21st is bringing people from all over the world to the band of totality that will give us the very best experience of viewing this natural phenomena. While most of the hotels in the vicinity of the area are completely booked, Airbnb is giving away a spectacular listing in Terrebonne, Oregon that offers the very best experience possible. The space looks one-of-a-kind, and in an incredible natural setting that should make the viewing all the more special. Learn more here:

Experience the August 21 solar eclipse in the most inspiring way imaginable. You’ll prepare for the phenomenon with a night of stargazing in a geodesic dome in the Oregon wilderness, joined by a noted astrophysicist and a master night-sky photographer. The next day, as millions gather for the event, you’ll ascend in a private jet to a spectacular view of the eclipse in all its glory. By the time you land, you might have a new appreciation for nature’s awesome ability to bring us all together.

AirBnb solar eclipse stayAirBnb solar eclipse stayAirBnb solar eclipse stay