An Amazing Vision of Mexico from Above

Mexico is such a beautiful country, full of as much natural beauty as it is culture and food delights. What better way to capture the essence of Mexico than by seeing it from an aerial perspective? Photographer Dimitar Karanikolov travels to Tulum, Bacalar, Chichen Itza, Rio Lagartos, Holbox, Oaxaca, Hierve El Agua, and Puerto Escondido to create a stunning series of imagery.

We’re big fans of Karanikolov’s style, having written about him here and here. He has a natural eye for composition, and his fabulous travels take him to some amazing locations around the globe. This series shows us a particularly relaxed and at ease view of Mexico, from a gentleman casually riding a bike through the surf, to a catamaran floating on perfect cerulean seas. Delicious. Via Behance:



All images © Copyright Dimitar Karanikolov.