Andre Elliott’s Neon Hands

Andre Elliott’s series is entitled Acoluthic Redux, and in theory, it’s simplicity shouldn’t make it as visually intriguing as it is. Hands photographed under neon light, what’s the big deal? Somehow, the subject matter and vibrant backgrounds make for more than a sum of their parts. The hands feel new and full of character. Some simple hand gestures, paired with the right lighting, can also convey deep emotion, like fear, anguish, protest, and delight. For more visually interesting takes on the human hand, check out Moss and Fog’s Instagram page, where we’re focusing on hands this week.

andre Elliott hand under neon light0e60b296c7da4f0d71ee47ef415c91cc2cedd3da958a6f2269d16fdf8814acc104156d457fe5254e23dfe9aa533850d136303e8d5202a62daad780c888b4c036andre Elliott hand under neon lightDSC_0701_oDSC_1120_oDSC_1150_oandre Elliott hand under neon light